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wide ip DNS

I have 2 Datacenters and want to load between them. I have a GTM and a pair of LTM in each DC. On my internal DNS I have a condition WIDEIP forward zone pointing to the GTM'S in each DC. I create my WIPS on the GTM and select the pool from the LTM. My question is, How does the dns A record get into the WIDEIP zone on the GTM (do I manually create it? To view the WIDEIP zone on the GTM I navigate to xonerunner.

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Wide-IP is actually a listener object. As soon as you create a new wide-ip, GTM automatically creates its A record to the matching zone using bind. You can view the a zone's SOA, NS and A records using zonerunner tab. Zonerunner is nothing but a GUI to manage bind engine.

On your DNS (LDNS), you either setup a delegation towards GTM or create forwarding pointing to GTM, depending on the flavor of your setup.


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Comment made 20-Feb-2018 by IRONMAN 197

Hi Amanpreet,

I have external Linux DNS server for my domain.com.

Now i Created Cname in linux server

www.domain.com. IN CNAME www.wip.domain.com

delegate authority for the wip.domain.com

wip IN NS gtm1.domain.com. IN NS gtm2.domain.com.

gtm1.domain.com. IN A gtm2.domain.com. IN A

Now my query is,

  • When i request the in internet for www.domain.com , i get the answer from GTM box it is has IP of x.x.x.x and cname for it www.wip.domain.com, i am ok with this

**** But When I request for somedomain test.domain.com, what will happen, since linux server dont has the cname for test.domain.com, Should i create CNAME and delegate for all the sundomains?***