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Will provisioning the APM module affect the existing BIG IP config?

Total Newbie here, Was trying to access session variables for an SSO solution when I learned that only basic Big IP was licensed and in use on this system. After some research learned that APM Lite was available with this license and would be sufficient for Proof of Concept testing. The Network group have concerns about activating the APM (light) module, and affecting the existing Big IP configuration.

I was looking to provision APM with the "minimum" resource setting. Will activating the module make any changes to the existing Big IP configured functionality? They are using Big IP for load balancing and redirect. Aside from additional resource use, I haven't found any articles regarding changes to functionality. I'm hoping that activation will make the features available for use without modifying any existing configuration.

Will appreciate any information,

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First of all enabling a new feature in your F5 requires you to reboot the appliance in order to re assign resources.

The included APM module will not cause any changes to your existing enviroment, it will only enable you to use the "Access" tab in the left menu where you can set up all the authentication, vpn, sso, among other configurations. Most of the time you have to attach these configurations to a virtual server in order to work, anything will be enforced and also there is anything pre configured out of the box on the APM module other than common templates for authentication.

Regarding hardware, make sure that your appliance is ok in a resource utilization manner, if your LTM module is struggling just don't enable it.

It would be a good idea for you to test these steps in a lab enviroment just to get you more confident and show your coworkers that it will not affect anything at all, you can request a free eval license for 90 days in the F5 webpage.


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Comment made 4 weeks ago by Max 2

Thank you very much, appreciate your detailed response. I will look into the Eval license.