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X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN header Question

Alright #DC Community! This came in thru twitter and thought I'd ask on behalf of Stefán Jökull Sigurðarson (@stebets)/DC Member, Stebet: Does anyone know how an X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN header could start appearing after adding a separate Content-Security-Policy header in an app? I'm suspecting something within our @F5Networks LB? Anyone seen this?

It only got added after I put in my CSP header on the app-side of things though. So I'm curious if it's some sort of automatic thing to do if a CSP header is detected? It was removed easily enough with an iRule though. Image Text

@jasonrahm replied: If using CSP frame-ancestors self should invalidate need for x-frame-options, but if you are not explicitly setting it must be gathered in a policy check somewhere before the app response is released.

Previous Q/As also discuss #clickjacking and methods to mitigate. Any other suggestions?

Let's give him some advice! And, as always, appreciate the help!


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