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RSA2015 – SSL Everywhere (feat Holmes)

F5 Worldwide Security Evangelist, David Holmes, talks about why the internet is going SSL Everywhere. He explains why there’s been a surge in encrypted traffic and reveals some interesting statistics from his ongoing research on the SSL protocol....

RSA 2015 - F5 BIG-IP, Cisco ASA and Cisco ACI Service Insertation Presentation

Come to RSA and check out the F5 booth at RSA this week.  We have a presentation and demo that goes over how F5 has teamed up with Cisco ACI and ASA to provide more secure and avaliable Applications using service integration. Come and check...

Optimizing the CVE-2015-1635 iRule

A couple days ago an iRule was published that mitigates Microsoft’s HTTP.sys vulnerability described in CVE-2015-1635 and MS15-034. It’s a short rule, but it features the dreaded regex. Every time I get the chance at user groups, conferences,...

F5 Synthesis: Delivering Web Application Security in the Cloud as a Service

Web application security. Everyone knows how important it is (and if they don't, they should) and yet the complexity of managing services that provide it often result in, shall we say, less than holistic coverage of applications. At least tha...

Recent Articles

The Programmable Network CleverBox(TM)

This year F5 is one of the sponsors of the Velocity Conference (Santa Clara May 27-29 - see you there). Getting ready for these shows takes more work than you might think, especially for an organization like F5 who has software, hardware and ‘as a service’ offerings that have such a wide range of functionality. Sitting with our creative and marketing teams to work out how to talk about this is...

VBKlip Banking Trojan Goes Man-In-The-Browser

VBKlip Banking Trojan Goes Man-In-The-Browser   VBKlip malware was first introduced by Cert Polska back in 2013. It started out as a simple yet effective threat, targeting Polish on-line banking users. Its first reincarnation intercepted clipboard data. Once a user used the “copy-paste” Windows functionality, the malware changed the data being copied. It looked...

BIG-IP ASM brings home the gold at RSAC 2015

This year at RSA, all eyes were on F5 BIG-IP ASM.  In case you missed it, the F5 booth donned trophies from both NSS labs and SC Magazine – awards validating ASM's position as a market leading WAF technology.  SC Magazine awarded F5 it’s ‘Readers' Choice Award for Best Web Application Solution’.  NSS provided F5 a trophy for receiving the coveted “Recommended”...

IoT Effect on Applications

As more applications are needed to run those Things, traditional infrastructure concerns like scale and reliability will become paramount. Additional challenges with identity and access, improving the user experience, and the need for faster provisioning of services could overwhelm IT departments. A robust, scalable and intelligent infrastructure will be necessary to handle the massive traffic...

State of Application Delivery 2015: If SDN is the answer what was the question?

SDN is a still simmering trend. It's not boiling over like cloud did in its early years but rather it's slowly, steadily continuing to move forward as more organizations evaluate, pilot and implement pockets of SDN within their organization. But it's not all rainbows and unicorns. A mere 8% of organizations in our State of Application Delivery 2015 reported having SDN deployed in...

Ubuntu Core: Snappy with a side of DevOps

Lacking the traditional fanfare associated with any technology that can use the word "container" or mention "Docker" in its press release, Ubuntu Core and its new Snappy system management scheme was introduced late last year. Since then, it's been gaining steam with Microsoft and Amazon and Google announcing support for the stripped-down version of the operating system. ...

The Data Cycle: data’s journey across the network and how hacking can change that

  It’s nice when everyone gets along, isn’t it? When websites play fair with each other and allow us users to link up various accounts - LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and so on. Some online services even let you create an account with your Facebook profile, removing the need to memorise another password. This is no doubt a convenient way of spreading your online identity - having...

클라우드 상에서의 보안에 대한 우려, 근거가 없는 것일까?

Please find the English language post from which this was adapted here. 조직들이 클라우드를 도입할 경우 비용 절감, 비즈니스 민첩성, 그리고 다수의 컴퓨팅 디바이스를 사용하는 직원들의 생산성 향상 등을 비롯해 얻게 되는 장점이 많다는 점은 부인할 수 없다. IDC는 2014년 전세계 클라우드 시장 규모가 761억 달러에 이르렀고 2015년에는 23.3%의 성장률을 기록하며 1180억 달러에 이를 것으로 전망하고 있다. 또한, IT부서의 65% 이상이 2016년까지 하이브리드 클라우드를 채택할 것으로 내다봤다. 또 다른 시장조사기관인 테크놀로지 비즈니스 리서치(TBR)도 클라우드 시장이 더욱 성장할 것이라고 밝혔다. TBR에...

2015년도 IT 업계의 새로운 물결 : 소비자 인식의 증대, 공공서비스의 디지털화 및 클라우드에 대한 인식의 변화

Please find the English language post from which this was adapted here. IT 업계 종사자들 대부분이 그렇듯이 나 역시 신기술을 사랑한다. 또한 이런 기술들이 많은 사람들을 위해 기회를 창출하고, 인류의 지식을 발전시키며, 사람과 사람을 연결시켜주는 것과 같이 사실상 우리 삶의 모든 면을 바꾸어 나가는 것을 좋아한다. 작년 한 해 동안만 하더라도 새로운 기술이라고 인식되던 웨어러블 기술이 주류 기술로 자리잡고, 무인항공기 드론 관련 산업이 크게 도약했으며, 빅데이터가 단지 기대치가 높은 개념의 수준에서 현실로 큰 발전을 했고, 금융과 IT가 융합된 핀테크 산업과 전자상거래가 눈부시게 성장했으며, 일부 시장에서는 스마트폰의 가격이 50달러 대로...

RSA2015 – That’s a Wrap!

I wrap it up from RSA2015. As always, thanks to you for watching and thanks to all our guests this week: RSA’s Josh Waterloo with Risk Based Authentication, Greg Maudsley on Defending the New Perimeter, WhiteHat Security’s Jeremiah Grossman on the Change within InfoSec, FireEye’s Sam Ware on our Technology partnership and David Holmes on SSL in the Wild. Also a very special Mahalo to the F5...

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