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WhiteBoard Wednesday: All About Monitors

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When you're running an internet company with no other revenue sources, you MUST monitor your websites/applications. And if you're investing money on paid campaigns to attract traffic to your website, it can save you hundreds of dollars (Euros in my case) to monitor your website because you can shut down the campaign as soon as you get a message about something going on on your site/application. So yes, it's critical to have a reliable monitoring system to look after your business. We're definitely using these kind of techniques on Sebepe"websites. But you have different monitor systems : either you could use one programmed yourself. But if you're hosting it on the same server/hosting as your sites, it might be dangerous. So you might prefer to check your business from an outside server and use this link : http://mashable.com/2010/04/09/free-uptime-monitoring/

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