Wiki: BIG-IP Access Policy Manager

Wiki: BIG-IP Access Policy Manager

BIG-IP Access Policy Manager is a flexible, high-performance access and security solution. BIG-IP APM drives identity into your network to provide secure, context-aware user access to web applications while simplifying authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) management.

BIG-IP APM is available as an add-on module to BIG-IP LTM, bringing advanced authentication, authorization, layer 7 access controls, SSO, and endpoint security to web applications behind LTM local traffic virtuals. Simply create an Access Policy via the next gen Visual Policy Editor and assign it to a configured HTTP(S) local traffic virtual on your BIG-IP LTM.

BIG-IP Edge Gateway includes similar access control services providing the highest performance, most flexible remote access solution on the market. BIG-IP Edge Gateway, brings all of the advanced authentication, authorization, access controls, SSO, and endpoint securities described above, along with SSL VPN remote access services supporting up to 200,000 concurrent users. BIG-IP Edge Gateway also brings asymmetric and symmetric acceleration for both remote access users and offices via the included Web Acceleration and WAN Optimization services.

Feature Categories



This section contains a number of introduction videos, tutorials, and examples around BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) and BIG-IP Edge Gateway.


Advanced Access Policies

This section covers all things cool around advanced Access Policies, the Visual Policy Editor (VPE), VPE Rules, and iRules integration.

Dynamic RDP Connection with APM

Access iRules and Events

This section includes Access Policy Manager (APM) specific iRules, Events, and examples. - See the iRules APM wiki for specific commands and examples


This section contains links to documentation and examples of APM configuration and management through BIG-IP iControl APIs. You can learn more about the direct API calls here: iControlREST APM API Documentation

BIG-IP Edge Client SDK

This section provides Windows, Linux, and Mac client-side integration options. A full Windows client integration SDK is available, along with a number of examples. A Windows client CLI is also available for scripting and integration with other programs. Some sample Linux and Macintosh scripts also available here as well for our Linux/UNIX folk.

Advanced Customization

This section covers instructions and examples on how to customize the BIG-IP APM and BIG-IP Edge Client end user interfaces, as well as tips and tricks for adding new languages.

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