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Advanced Design and Config Wiki

Welcome to the DevCentral Advanced Design and Config wiki.

When you're looking to make the most of your investment in F5 gear, this is the place to come. F5 products make it possible for you to build and manage very complex networks addressing an endless variety of application delivery and business requirements. This wiki is intended to support those complexities by providing samples of profiles, monitors, templates and common traffic management architectures, explaining the features required to implement them, and giving you tips on how to configure our products to match your application delivery requirements.

Application Health Monitoring

Tips and samples for monitoring and reacting to the changing health of your servers.

Here is a list of MIB and OID mappings. Some categories are as recent as 2012 and some are as old as 2007. Enjoy!!

Customized Profiles

Details on customizing the built-in profiles and CodeShare contributions of customized and optimized profiles supporting many common application traffic managment goals.

System Management

Conversion Scripts

General System Management Docs
Codeshare Entries

Enterprise Manager Application Deployment Templates

Advanced Features Explained

The Advanced Design & Config Wiki contains detailed information about the complexities of various features and feature combinations that you can use to meet your exact needs. Making use of advanced features to support bi-directional load balancing, DR setups, and complex routing / traffic management are only some of the things you'll find here.

Sample Architectures

Got something complicated you're trying to build? Here's the place to find high-level examples of typical functional and application-specific deployments, and links to more details about relevant features.