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Welcome to the F5® BIG-IQ™ Wiki home page. This is one stop shopping to an increasing volume of content showing you everything you need to know about the BIG-IQ platform and how it simplifies and accelerates the deployment of F5’s BIG-IP advanced L4 – L7 configuration and maintenance for modules supported.

What is it?

BIG-IQ 5.0
  1. In this release F5 attempts to re-develop the user experience with a more unified workflow look and feel.
  2. Add manageability for all security components (Firewall, WAF, Access, Fraud Protection) of BIG-IP.
  3. Stability and Scale was a primary focus of this release.
  4. Support for BIG-IP versions 12.0, 12.1
  5. Extend licensing to manage pools of BIP-IP devices.

BIG-IQ 5.1
  1. Expand to add iHealth reporting when managing BIG-IP
  2. Add functionality to support DNS sync group monitoring.
  3. Additional monitors and profiles for ADC virtuals.
  4. Extend licensing once again to include Registration Keys for licensing and re-purpose licensing for individual BIG-IP.
  5. Improve Audit Logging for greater visibility into change management.

BIG-IQ 5.2
  1. Introduction of Data Collection Devices for statistics monitoring dashboards.
  2. Document key API workflows and associated references.
  3. SSL-Certificate Management
  4. Ability to partially deploy and restore part of the configuration changes.
  5. Global search index.
  6. Additional support from profiles and monitors.

BIG-IQ 5.3
  1. Enhanced iHealth integration.
  2. Improvements in DNS visibility and reporting.
  3. Centralized health checks pre and post software upgrade.
  4. TACACS authentication support.
  5. Support for single-nic configurations when devices are managed in the cloud.

BIG-IQ 5.4
  1. Service catalog support.
  2. TACACS, RADIUS, and LDAP authentication enhancement.
  3. Fraud Protection Service daily alerts enhancements.
  4. Firewall rules enhancements.

BIG-IQ CM 5.0 | 5.1 | 5.2 | 5.3 | 5.4

  1. Download software from here
  2. Beta Portal

Conceptual Documents

  1. Upgrading BIG-IQ software.

How To Articles

How-To articles and sample scripts demonstrating the use of the REST API of F5 BIG-IQ CM.

API Reference

API reference documentation for BIG-IQ CM rest API. Initial round will support the How-To Articles above.

API Release Notes

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