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Application Policies

Application Policies are sets of configuration options that you create (or modify from an existing policy) to tailor the Application Acceleration Manager’s behavior for your site.

Tricks and Tips

This is the part of the Wiki that allows you to create and edit some of your favorite tricks and tips on Application Acceleration Manager that everyone should see and have access to.

Edge Side Includes

Edge-Side Include (ESI) is an open standard used to control the behavior of web surrogates such as the Application Acceleration Manager. For Application Acceleration Manager content assembly activities, ESI provides a specification for an XML-based language that is used to include content within pages assembled by web surrogates. The Application Acceleration Manager supports the entire ESI language specification, version 1.0. This specification can be found at the ESI website (

  • Invalidate Cached Content - This Perl script allows you to invalidate cached content in a Application Acceleration Manager cache.

Custom Scripting

Occasionally, there are useful scripts that you can run on Application Acceleration Manager that automate certain functions such as removing all of the content in cache, not just invalidating the content. The Application Acceleration Manager Codeshare is is the place to post your Application Acceleration Manager scripts.