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This event replaces AUTH_SUCCESS, AUTH_FAILURE, AUTH_ERROR, and AUTH_WANTCREDENTIAL events. These four deprecated events will be removed from a future release. The specific result can be obtained using AUTH::status.


  when AUTH_RESULT {
    if {[AUTH::status] != 0} {
      HTTP::respond 401
    } else {

Related Information

Available Commands:
  • clone - Causes the system to clone traffic to the specified pool or pool member regardless of monitor status.
  • forward - Sets the connection to forward IP packets.
  • HTTP::collect - Collects an amount of HTTP body data that you specify.
  • HTTP::respond - Generates a response to the client as if it came from the server.
  • IP::idle_timeout - Returns or sets the idle timeout value.
  • ip_ttl - Returns the TTL of the latest IP packet received.
  • lasthop - Sets the lasthop of an IP connection.
  • listen - Sets up a related ephemeral listener to allow an incoming related connection to be established.
  • LSN::address - Set or override translation address.
  • LSN::disable - Disable LSN translation.
  • LSN::inbound - Disable inbound connections to translation address/port.
  • LSN::persistence - Set translation selection mode and persistence timeout.
  • LSN::persistence-entry - Create or lookup translation address.
  • LSN::pool - Specify LSN pool for current connection.
  • LSN::port - Set or override translation port.
  • nexthop - Sets the nexthop of an IP connection.
  • node - Sends the packet directly to the identified server node.
  • peer - Causes the specified iRule commands to be evaluated under the peer’s (opposite) context.
  • persist - Causes the system to use the named persistence type to persist the connection.
  • session - Utilizes the persistence table to store arbitrary information based on the same keys as persistence.

Sample Code:

  • Introduced: BIGIP-9.4.0