Wiki: iRules API




Triggered on an HTTP request (before the payload), after Bot Defense finished processing the request, but before a decision is made on a possible action. The event may be used to retrieve the data processed by Bot Defense, query and override URL qualification for client-side responses.

This event is triggered only when Proactive Bot Defense is enabled on the DOS profile, and Bot Defense needs to make a decision on a possible action. The event will not be triggered in the following cases: white-listed IP address, black-listed geo-location, blocked by bot signature, or mitigated by dosl7 attack.

Most of the command that are available on the HTTP_REQUEST event are also available on the BOTDEFENSE_REQUEST event.

Note that commands which may suspend iRule processing are currently not supported in this event and should not be used. Partial list of these commands: after, persist, session, table, and RESOLV::lookup.


Example 1: Allow client-side challenges on a specific URL

     if {[HTTP::uri] eq "/t/a.php"} {
         BOTDEFENSE::cs_allowed true

Change Log

  • First introduced the event.