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This event is raised when a message is received by the message proxy and before a route lookup occurs. Setting the route for a message will bypass route lookup.


  set client_addr “[IP::addr]:[IP::port]"
  MR::store client_addr
when MR_EGRESS {
  MR::restore client_addr

Related Information

The DIAMETER:: commands are available in MR_INGRESS starting with 13.0.0. Before that, any DIAMETER:: values must be set in a variable in DIAMETER_INGRESS. MR_INGRESS is raised after DIAMETER_INGRESS.

Available Commands:
  • DIAMETER::message - returns the whole Diameter message as a TCL string object.
  • DIAMETER::persist - returns the persistence key being used for the current message
  • DIAMETER::retry - tries to send the Diameter message contained in the binary array "binary_message"
  • DIAMETER::state - returns the current state of the Diameter peer's connection
  • MR::store - stores a tcl variable with the mr_message object

Sample Code:

  • Introduced: BIGIP-11.5