Wiki: iRules API


NOTE: The features contained in this namespace require an EA (Early Access) license to be accessed. These commands will not function if your system does not have this license installed. For more information about obtaining the necessary license to access these features, please contact your sales representative. For more information, read about the LicenseDetails


Triggered before the XML document gets parsed.

Note: All XML commands are unavailable beginning in v10.


  log local0. "About to start parsing the XML document"

Related Information

Available Commands:
  • clone - Causes the system to clone traffic to the specified pool or pool member regardless of monitor status.
  • forward - Sets the connection to forward IP packets.
  • imid - Returns an i-mode identifier string.
  • IP::idle_timeout - Returns or sets the idle timeout value.
  • ip_ttl - Returns the TTL of the latest IP packet received.
  • lasthop - Sets the lasthop of an IP connection.
  • listen - Sets up a related ephemeral listener to allow an incoming related connection to be established.
  • nexthop - Sets the nexthop of an IP connection.
  • node - Sends the packet directly to the identified server node.
  • peer - Causes the specified iRule commands to be evaluated under the peer’s (opposite) context.
  • persist - Causes the system to use the named persistence type to persist the connection.
  • pool - Causes the system to load balance traffic to the specified pool or pool member regardless of monitor status.
  • session - Utilizes the persistence table to store arbitrary information based on the same keys as persistence.
  • XML::address - Queries the elements of a WS-Addressing header within a SOAP message.

Sample Code:

  • Introduced: BIGIP-9.0.3
  • Deprecated: BIGIP-10.0.0