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Welcome to the F5® iWorkflow™ Wiki home page. On this page you'll find an increasing volume of content showing you everything you need to know about the iWorkflow platform and how it simplifies and accelerates the deployment of F5’s advanced L4 – L7 application services.

What is it?

iWorkflow extends on the foundation of BIG-IQ Cloud (more about the history here) as a platform that enables faster deployment of applications and services, simplified architecture, and reduced exposure to operational risk. Do more, in less time, without fear of error! Using iWorkflow™, organizations today have already reduced application deployment times from weeks, even months, to mere minutes, and with minimal implementation time to start realizing the benefits.

How do you do that?

Magic! And some clever coding that brings together modern concepts including application services templates, service catalogues, and API driven orchestration and integration. So, if your business is evolving from a traditional, static architecture towards a faster-paced, agile environment then you're precisely who we have in mind while developing iWorkflow's capabilities. We are taking programmability and extensibility to a whole new level!

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What next?

To understand more, come back regularly and review the iWorkflow 101 and 201 series below. The 101 series focusses on GUI driven iWorkflow operation. The 201 series focusses on iControl REST API operation.

The 101 Series

The 201 Series

Cisco ACI and iWorkflow

Check out how iWorkflow and Cisco ACI work together: iWorkflow: True Application Centric approach to deploy applications in Cisco ACI

Video: Deploy F5 iWorkflow Service Graph in Cisco ACI

Video: How to build Cisco ACI L4-L7 device using F5 BIG-IP vCMP guests and iWorkflow

Reference Material

Conceptual Documents

Important concepts for using the REST API of F5 iWorkflow.

How To Guides

How-To guides and sample scripts demonstrating the use of the REST API of F5 iWorkflow. This list links to How-To guides and sample scripts demonstrating the use of the REST API of F5 iWorkflow.

API Reference

API Reference topics describing the public REST API of F5 iWorkflow.