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Lightboard Lessons: What is OpenShift?

Posted August 09, 2018 by Jason Rahm

The OpenShift Container Platform from RedHat is a platform as a service leveraging Docker and Kubernetes to provide app developers an easy button for application management, deployment, and scale. In this episode of Lightboard Lessons, Jason Rahm... Read more

DevCentral's Featured Member for August - Kumar

Posted August 06, 2018 by John Wagnon

Our Featured Member series is a way for us to show appreciation and highlight active contributors in our community. Communities thrive on interaction and our Featured Series gives you some insight on some of our most active folks... Read more

Configuring an Application for Smart Card Authentication and Forms Based SSO Using a Static Username and Password

Posted August 01, 2018 by Steve Lyons

A customer recently reached out requesting assistance providing smart card authentication to an application that does not integrate with AD or LDAP and has only a single username and password. While many of you out there may have done this in the... Read more

Hack to the Future: A Walk Through The Game

Posted July 30, 2018 by John Wagnon

At this year's Agility conference in Boston, F5 will host a "Hack to the Future" event on Tuesday night where everyone can enjoy an awesome game of Capture The Flag.  The game consists of some really cool puzzles to solve... Read more

Creating, Importing and Assigning a CA Certificate Bundle

Posted July 30, 2018 by Steve Lyons

Complex organizations like the Department of Defense can create certificate authority complications. DevCentral walks you through obtaining and creating CA bundles to help reduce impact as security requirements change. Read more

Verifying Local Traffic Policy and iRule Precedence

Posted July 25, 2018 by Jason Rahm

The BIG-IP platform has had Tcl-based iRules since the initial v9 release back in 2004. When version 11.4 released, the HTTP class was deprecated in favor of local traffic policies. The policies provide access to inspect and act on ingress and... Read more

DevCentral Showcase on LinkedIn

Posted July 25, 2018 by Peter Silva

We are excited to share our New LinkedIn Home! We're thrilled to be Showcased under F5's LinkedIn Company Page and look forward to building a fun place to converse, ask questions and get inside advice on BIG-IP tips and tricks. LinkedIn... Read more

Handling HTTP Requests on an HTTPS Virtual Server

Posted July 24, 2018 by Jason Rahm

There are scenarios where it might be prudent to support HTTP request redirection on a single port, and thus, a single virtual server. Yes, this can be done with the alias port zero, but that locks all other ports down unless you plan to build out... Read more

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