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Support Your Local User Groups

Posted March 14, 2019 by John Wagnon

We interact online every day here at DevCentral, but it's especially nice to interact in person with all of you whenever we get the chance.  I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at several local user groups over the past two weeks... Read more

DevOps Explained to the Layman

Posted March 11, 2019 by Rodrigo Albuquerque

DevOps Explained to non-Developers Read more

Release Notes: F5 Cloud Services

Posted March 07, 2019 by The F5 Cloud Services Team

This release note document provides information on F5 Cloud Services releases. Read more

HTTP/2 Protocol in Plain English using Wireshark

Posted March 06, 2019 by Rodrigo Albuquerque

A quick HTTP/2 lab test using BIG-IP VE, one client and Wireshark Read more

Mitigating Ruby YAML.load Universal RCE Deserialization Gadget with BIG-IP ASM

Posted March 05, 2019 by Gal Goldshtein

Recently a new YAML deserialization gadget was published that may lead to arbitrary code execution when deserialized by supplying it to Ruby's YAML.load function as input. Prior to this new gadget it was known that calling YAML.load on... Read more

Authenticating Kubernetes

Posted February 27, 2019 by Eric Chen

How do you know what your external users and services are doing in your Kubernetes cluster? Using BIG-IP Access Policy Manager and Application Security Manager we can create a secure method of... Read more

Drupal 8 REST Module Remote Code Execution (CVE-2019-6340)

Posted February 24, 2019 by Gal Goldshtein

In the recent days Drupal released a security advisory regarding a new highly critical risk vulnerability affecting Drupal 8 instances. The vulnerability may allow unauthenticated users to execute arbitrary code by forcing the vulnerable Drupal 8... Read more

Deploy BIG-IP in AWS with HA across AZ’s - without using EIP’s

Posted February 21, 2019 by Michael OLeary

This article shows how to deploy BIG-IP devices in AWS with HA across Availability Zones (AZ’s), without using any Elastic IP’s (EIP’s). This is a reference architecture for advanced F5 BIG-IP deployments in AWS. Read more

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